No More Bending Over To Feed Your Plants!

Fertigation is the application of water soluble fertilizers, soil amendments and other products into an irrigation system.  More-and-more people are fertigating their lawn, home and garden as it conserves water and plant food.  With fertigation there will be less trips to a nursery, and cut down on your water bill by targeting only the areas that require fertilization.  Traditional methods where you apply fertilizer directly to the plant generally leads to giving the plants more water than needed, and overfeeding them at the same time.   

Fertilizer Injectors are fertigation units, and Chapin® has many options to choose from.  Fertilizer injectors deliver controlled concentrations of fertilizer over a specific period of time, depending on flow rate of the irrigation system.  These injectors connect to a standard hose spigot, and there are many different ways you can go about installing them.  The spigot is then connected to a garden hose, then the fertilizer injector itself.  At this point you have water entering the unit.  The fertilizer injector is where you put your desired concentrate or blend, similar to a standard garden sprayer.  If using a granular, powder fertilizer you’ll want to mix the solution with water for best results.  Having the fertilizer injector installed makes it easier to feed your plants as there’s no bending over to spray or pour fertilizer on a specific area.  Once the unit is installed, the main work is cleaning and filling the fertilizer injector when the levels are low.  Chapin® units contain translucent or clear tanks depending on the line you choose, and when the fluid is clear in the tank, it’s time to add fertilizer.        

These units work in conjunction with a standard garden hose, sprinkler system, soaker hose, drip irrigation, etc.  Using a fertilizer injector helps skip that step of manually applying fertilizer, and having to figure out how much water to use.  Accurately feeding your plants can be tough, and fertigation may be the answer your looking for.  Whether you are looking to grow carrots and raspberries, fertilize a rose bush,  the possibilities are endless.  

Chapin Fertilizer Injectors Are The Answer.

Chapin® fertilizer injectors are an excellent solution for watering your lawn,home and garden.  This helps achieve a beautiful landscape right on your property using a DIY unit.  They are durable, simple to install, easy to use and easy to clean.  Commercial and residential units are available, there are currently five fertilizer injectors total.  

HydroFeed® offers flexibility of using the fertilizer injector with a standard garden hose, sprinkler, irrigation system, and much more.  The units offered by Chapin® make switching between using the fertilizer injector and just using the garden hose (or other watering method) simple.  Changing concentrates if using multiple fertilizers is simple, similar to washing and filling a travel mug in the morning.  The residential fertilizer injectors contain a draining system at the bottom of each unit.  Sizes included are 16 oz, 24 oz and 32 oz.  The range of available sizes accommodates landscapes gardens, etc.  Application of concentrate at a set ratio takes the worry away about over-applying fertilizer and minimizes waste.   

Recently drip irrigation has become a more prevalent watering solution, targeting just the plant at its roots changes the way fertilizer should be applied.  In the past these methods were mainly used in nurseries, but with Chapin Hydrofeed® it can be done right from home.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our technical support via customer service team at 1(800)950-4458. This department is open from 8:00am – 5: 00pm Eastern Standard Time Monday – Friday.