Water...It's nature's Fuel.
And when used wisely it brings forth life in abundance.


  •  Feed plants without overfeeding them
  • Use less water when fertilizing plants
  • Capable of feeding potted plants outside, your lawn and garden at the same time
  • Designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner
  • 2 lines for this product include fixed rate and variable rate injectors
  • Fixed rate you pour the plant food into the tank and the rest is automatically done for you
  • Variable rate is for more careful measurements where you control the amount of food being used

At Chapin, we embrace the power of water as it needs to be conserved as much as possible, and used wisely. Chapin HydroFeed® fertilizer injectors deliver your favorite plant food with minimal waste. Whether you have an inline sprinkler system, drip irrigation, soaker hose or manual hose-end sprinkler, HydroFeed® lets you feed your plants as you water.  Check out the different types of fertilizer injectors offered by Chapin below.

Fixed Rate Fertilizer Injectors

These units are great for feeding lawns, flower gardens, fruit and vegetable gardens, and potted plants in the spring and summer when they are outside.  Each of the units above have been preset to feed 1 oz. of product for every one gallon of water used.  Simplify the way you water your lawn and garden with our fixed rate fertilizer injectors. If you’re looking to adjust the amount of product used per gallon of water, please check out the Chapin line of Variable Rate Injectors below.

Variable Rate Fertilizer Injectors

These units are similar to the fixed rate fertilizer injectors in that they water your lawn and garden by targeting only the area that needs to be fertilized.  Differences in this product line include a much larger tank size, and a way to adjust the amount of product being used.  You can choose 1 oz – 10oz. of product for every 1 gallon of water.  This line of HydroFeed® is perfect for users that have many different kinds of plants with different needs, or a large area that needs to be fertilized. 

Fertigation By Chapin

Click here to learn more about Chapin’s many drip irrigation systems and how they can benefit you.  Fertigation is a way to conserve water and plant food which is perfect for maintaining land. 

Chapin Fertilizer Injectors

Click here to view our do-it-yourself residential fertilizer injector units. There are many ways these units can help you make the most out of your land in less time.


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